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Thu, 16 Jul 2015

Seufert presents its expert discussion Future of Municipal Hospitals II


Local government decision-makers discussed the draft Hospital Structure Act (KHSG) with Prof. Lauterbach and the current economic environment with Dr. Augurzky.

"What will be the results of the hospital reform?" As at the first expert meeting on the future of municipal hospitals, organised by Seufert Rechtsanwälte last year, Prof. Dr. Dr. sc. (Harvard) Karl W. Lauterbach spoke to an audience consisting mainly of regional administrators, other local government decision-makers and hospital managers on the current position of the draft Hospital Structure Act (KHSG), the subject of lively discussion in the sector.

The health expert and deputy chairman of the SPD parliamentary party in his "Report from Berlin" dealt in detail with the planned measures with which the legislation is intended to achieve its desired aims and answered some critical questions. In particular, the quantity control instruments in the planned KHSG and its effects as well as the structural fund of 1 billion Euro were discussed quite controversially. Suggestions and wishes from practitioners for the consultation process which will continue during the summer break were formulated.

Dr. Boris Augurzky, Head of the Health Section of the Rheinisch-Westfälische Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung (RWI), expert for health care economy and managing director of Stiftung Münch), introduced in the second part of the event the detailed management assessment of annual financial statements of approx. 950 hospitals on the basis of the Hospital Rating Report 2015. He focused on possible causes for the worsening trend in the finances of municipal hospitals.