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Seufert Rechtsanwälte offers applicants with appropriate qualifications excellent development opportunities. As a well-established medium-sized law firm, we combine all-round advice to SMEs and the public sector with a strong corporate practice and a nationwide recognised focus on some industries. Lawyers in our team have many specialisations open to them.

As individualists we are looking for individualists who think entrepreneurially both for the clients and for the law firm. Unlike in large and strongly hierarchical units, our communication channels are short and unbureaucratic. Our guidance and experience is there to be passed on to the next generation and our working environment is characterised by considerable freedom and a high degree of individual responsibility. We are convinced that direct contact to the client and his business concerns is a necessary condition for the development of a genuine lawyer personality. This we understand to be a combination of outstanding legal ability, reliable personal assessment capacity and an attitude to consultancy which goes beyond the purely legal aspects.

The aim in principle is admission to the partnership. We expect commitment but we also ensure that there is enough time for other important things in life. We place the utmost value on the integration of family and work.

We look forward to your applications whether in response to our advertisements or on your own initiative.

Your contact partner is Prof. Harald Bardenhagen and Dr. Johannes Gruber.