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Natural Resources, Energy & Recycling

Many natural resources and energy companies as well as important professional and industry associations obtain our advice on all commercial law questions. We advise on partnerships with the public sector and draft agreements for planning and exploration, engineering services and construction of the necessary plants. In this connection, we also contribute our excellent procurement law know-how.

Companies in the oil, gas, hydroelectric and geothermal sectors also benefit particularly from our public law expertise. Since Seufert Rechtsanwälte numbers among its clients not only many companies from this sector, which is very license intensive, but also many municipalities, our industry experts are extremely familiar with the conditions and processes on both sides.

Energy generating projects are usually conceived for the long-term and must often overcome resistance from various sides. We represent energy projects strategically in securing locations, both in Germany as well as in the rest of Europe. We have particular know-how in base-load energies biogas and geothermal which we contribute in negotiations and agreements with energy customers to achieve revenue from the provision of power and distance heating.

Businesses which extract building materials and natural resources are advised by us throughout the entire project development cycle. We have outstanding experience in obtaining licenses for the extraction of natural resources. Our highly specialised knowledge in technical environmental law has been repeatedly vindicated in the course of representation in conflicts with nature protection and residents' interests.

Finally, recycling and waste conversion companies are subject to many regulations and high licensing standards. Apart from general questions of location and operation, we are also specialised in waste disposal planning proceedings, processing licenses and the approval procedure which has been rendered considerably more difficult by the new provisions of the Recycling Industry Act.