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Employment Law

Our employment law capacity is broadly based and is availed of by all client groups. We process employment questions as part of the all-round commercial law support. For SMEs, we engage our expertise in transactions and restructurings and we have valuable special knowledge on employment law features in our specialist industries.

We support our clients in forming and terminating employment or service relationships as well as in all individual employment law questions in the course of day-to-day business. Among our established strengths is individual employment law support in the course of transactions, restructurings, take-overs and transfers of undertaking. We also advise board members, managing directors and leading executives on individual employment law.

In collective employment law, we represent companies in works council and entrepreneurial co-determination questions as well as in collective bargaining issues and negotiations. In addition, we develop remuneration and time account systems and specialise in the structuring of company pension schemes.

In the course of transactions, we clarify transfer of undertaking questions, conduct employment law due diligence reviews and draft the employment law parts of company purchase and merger agreements.

In planned restructuring and changes in operation, we advise comprehensively in advance, conducting necessary negotiations with works councils or personnel councils and authorities and provide support in the establishment of conciliation boards.

We are very familiar with the special employment law features of communal and other companies who pay their employees in accordance with the collective bargaining provisions for the public service. We are aware of and resolve the specific problems of supplementary pension schemes which are particularly prevalent in the course of privatisation. Employment law experts experienced in the industry are included in the team when special questions arise. This is, for example, the case with the particular organisational and employment processes in hospitals in public, private or charitable ownership (e.g. drafting, amendment and termination of consultant doctor agreements).

It goes without saying that we represent our clients in employment law proceedings of all kinds.