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Wed, 03 Jun 2015

Seufert again co-promotes hospital financing workshop


Hospital financial officers and representatives of the public sector discussed in Berlin with Dr. Orlowski (Federal Ministry of Health) the pending major hospital reform under the title "Quality offensive – Hospital Beauty Contests"

For the third time, Seufert co-promoted the hospital financing workshop – this time in Berlin after the Munich and Frankfurt events of the preceding years. The main issue was the pending major hospital reform.

The public hospitals world is in transition. The negotiations on the draft concept which the federal and state working group on reform of hospital financing presented at the end of 2014 enter a critical phase this year. New rules could come into force as early as in 2016. While the federal government is mainly concerned with improving the quality of care – good care must be appropriately remunerated - the project has already been greeted with emphatic criticism. For example, the president of the German Hospitals Association, Thomas Reumann, refers to a lack of trust in the hospitals.

What does the reform mean for public hospitals? Who loses, who benefits in the beauty contest between hospitals? These and other questions were discussed by the participants including Dr. Ulrich Orlowski, responsible for health care at the Federal Ministry of Health and other representatives of hospitals and hospital owning authorities.