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Thu, 10 Jul 2014



The healthcare expert of the Social Democratic Party and vice chairman of its parliamentary party Prof. Dr. Dr. sc. (Harvard) Karl W. Lauterbach was keynote speaker at a specialist event for communal decision-makers organised by Seufert Rechtsanwälte. Under the heading "The closing of some hospitals might be necessary", he gave details on the hospital reform planned by the current German government.
In the expert panel following his presentation, Prof. Lauterbach, Thomas Lemke (director Sana Kliniken AG), Martin Sailer (district administrator for Augsburg) and Johannes Weindel (CEO Klinikum Friedrichshafen GmbH) led a controversial discussion on the planned introduction of monetary sanctions in case of failure to meet quality standards. In particular, the objectivity of quality criteria, which will be defined by a newly created "quality institute", was deemed to be a serious challenge.
On the other side, the participants agreed that the planned hospital reform will enforce and accelerate the already existing competition between the institutions. A significant number of hospitals, which do not take appropriate measures in good time such as entering into cooperation with others, will not survive the coming five years.