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Mon, 20 Jul 2020

Seufert Corporate Partner Dr. Johannes Gruber co-author of the Krankenhaus Rating Report 2020 special analysis on the reorganisation of hospitals in insolvency proceedings


The current Krankenhaus Rating Report 2020 of the publisher medhochzwei provides, for the 16th time, valuable empirically-based data on the development of the hospital market. 500 annual financial statements, covering about 900 hospitals were compiled and analysed.

Seufert corporate partner Dr. Johannes Gruber contributed to the current report as co-author of the special analysis „Die Sanierung von Krankenhäusern im Rahmen von Insolvenzverfahren" („The reorganisation of hospitals in insolvency proceedings"). Gruber stated: „At Seufert, we have gained great expertise over decades in hospital transactions. Meanwhile, transactions arise increasingly in the context of insolvency proceedings which, as our report illustrates, can offer the chance of a genuine solution".