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Tue, 05 Feb 2019

Seufert Environmental Law Partner Josef Geislinger gives a lecture at the 21st Bavarian Waste and Landfill Days on the topic "Ways to new landfill space despite resistance".


Seufert Environmental Partner Josef Geislinger will speak for the third time at the Bavarian Waste and Landfill Days, which will take place on 21/22 March at the Bavarian State Office for the Environment in Augsburg. The series of events, which has been established since 1998, addresses current issues of environmental services and landfill technology to plant operators, waste management bodies and licensing authorities. Environment Minister Glauber will open the meeting.

In his contribution "Wege zu neuem Deponieraum trotz Widerstands" (Ways to New Landfill Space Despite Resistance), lawyer Josef Geislinger deals with the question of whether and how landfill approval procedures can still be mastered in the light of complex environmental regulations, official enforcement practice and, last but not least, critical citizens. Geislinger also takes a look at the Environmental Remedies Act 2017, which entails further risks for plant approvals.

The link to the event including programme and registration can be found here.